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Greetings...my official "hello!"


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So, technically my first post was my panic "HELP!?" thread below for my first EUC, but I wanted to just post my intro here. (thanks again for those tips).

I'm still waiting for a fully functional V3Pro, but looking forward to it. At least I was able to play with all the features (save recharging) on this first unit I finally got and really like the design compared with other EUC I've seen. Also, the app is really nice, even though a lot of it is in Chinese.

As far as myself; I'm an older guy (46) in Texas (electronics engineer) that has been riding motorcycles since I was a kid (had 7 MC's) , damaged both my calf and foot muscles 3 years ago by improperly (not stretching) while riding bicycles, so I drifted into electric scooters (have had 4 ezip scooters in last 3 years) ezip450, (2) ezip500's and my current ezip750. With these ezip scooters I could hit 4 local parks in 45 mins. But these things are not easily transported.

Also, I even had one of those garbage hoverboards for about 6 months, so at least I learned to ride that thing, but wheelbase is too small to really use those.

I'm finding all of these alternative transportation ideas coming out really interesting. I even purchased a hybrid car based on my ezip scooter experiences (very small Honda CRZ). Seeing lots of new consumer items from electric skates, skateboards, scooters, etc. Cool stuff.

My current MC is a 2004 Katana 750F....alas, not riding much this past year due to work lifestyle. :( 

I modified one of my ezip 500's to a 36V system and was able to get it over 20mph easily, but suffered a bit on distance, so I learned speed is not my most important concern on scooters. So, that's why I leaned toward the V3Pro. I am Very interested in the V5F or V8 , but I decided to go with the V3pro...at least for now. In my experience, anything over 10mph is pretty good.

Will see how all this works out. I live 1 mile from train station, and work 5 blocks from destination, so this thing may even take me out of my car!


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So, after about 45 mins I was able to stay on the thing for a few seconds, another 45 mins I could do a loop around the couch while holding on every now and then. Seems like I am making progress. :)


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So, on my 2nd day out, I am having little problem controlling unit. I still need to practice getting on/off and doing turns. But for the most part it has met my expectations.

I did wear all safety gear, but as my unit has max speed 11mph, I am seriously considering ditching it later on. In my first 3 miles I did not have much of a problem controlling unit. And anytime I had to jump off I had plenty of time to catch unit, or it stood up by itself (2 wheel).

I was able to hit max speed several times, and love how the unit eases off. Much better that the hoverboard I had and tried. Being out in the open makes a huge difference. I though I could learn to ride this thing in the comfort of my living room...and there is just not enough room to open her up.

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On 08/06/2017 at 3:32 PM, Circuitmage said:

So, that's why I leaned toward the V3Pro.

Great introduction and welcome to the forum.

To be honest if you have the balance that your other devices should have given you over the years, you are likely to find a two wheeled EUC very limiting quite quickly. Turning and handling any sort of uneven surface is actually very challenging with a two wheeled EUC as it will throw you around and tilt to the changes in the surface. Like a hoverboard, it only really works well on a smooth flat surface.

A single wheel EUC has none of these issues and balancing it is exactly the same as balancing a motorcycle , I.e. Forward backwards balance is handled by the electronics, but left right balance is exactly the same as on a motorbike or scooter.

I don't say this to put you off in any way, but so as you understand that the difficulties you will find riding on trails etc, are not EUC difficulties per se, but are specific to the twin wheeled EUC's. Only mounting from a standstill and going very very slowly is easier on a twin wheel, and that is very easily dealt with by using a lamppost, fence, etc to support you whilst you get on until you are proficient on a single wheel. Once you are moving, in every respect the single wheel is much, much easier to ride.

By the way, I was 60 when I learned to ride my KingSong 14C, it took me two days of practicing up and down my hall using the walls for support and a week practicing in my local park before I felt safe  near traffic and pedestrians.

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Keith - Thanks for the response. That's why I'm here!

I was really looking at these for about 9 months, and after having a bad experience on the hoverboard, wanting to spend as little as possible, but have a good unit, I wanted to ease into this, so the V3Pro seemed a good way to go. I am still happy I (finally) got it. Took 3 shipments to get a working unit, but now it's here! Overall, I really like the features and design. I now see how I may want to upgrade, and completely agree with your points, as I have read about those issues before.Not so sure I am in a rush to upgrade, especially with the spending more $$$$ part. Really happy it was as easy as I hoped to get moving on it.

There is another advantage to this unit; It is easier to teach others! I plan on sharing this experience as much as possible, and the easier it is for others to get on , the more fun. When I had the hoverboard, that was the most fun I had, teaching others to ride it and see how they did. My mother (70 years old!)  jumped on the hoverboard before I could stop her and as soon as she did she fell down...on carpet at least and did not get hurt.

But I can see how the V3 is teaching me "bad habits", that I will need to break if I get another one. I am keeping my eye on either an Inmotion V8 or KS 16S. :)

Maybe next year? 



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15 hours ago, Circuitmage said:

There is another advantage to this unit; It is easier to teach others! I plan on sharing this experience as much as possible,

That is a really good point, I wouldn't hesitate to let other people have a go if I had a V3C, it is a great "have a go" wheel, in fact @Jason McNeil suggested I buy one for my wife as she loves Segways but wouldn't dream of getting on my EUC. Unfortunately I really don't believe I would get her to ride it. I can see us getting a pair of electric bikes at some point ?.

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Ok, so on my 2nd day outside, I wanted to see how my usual trip to the local park would be. I went about 1 mile round trip, and unit was down to about 65% battery left.

On my way back, I averaged 7mph, not too bad but looks like way under experienced riders here.

So, it looks like I will get about 3 miles out of this thing as is. 

I think I need to check the tire pressure, as I am at the upper end of the weight limit. I see no information on tire inflation so hopefully it's as simple as a bicycle...will look tonight.


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So, I let me 21 yr old son ride it. With his skateboard skillz I assumed he would do OK, which he did, save for letting it run into a metal trash bin at full speed. Breaking off a couple plastic pieces and damaging the case a bit.Had to push the case back together and pull out a broken plastic piece. Still working !

No big deal, I as planned on letting other ride it, so a bit more damage was expected.

But, then I got on and promptly started showing off a bit with my whole 2 weeks experience....and had my first fall! I was wearing my helmet and knee pads, but not elbow pads. Falling on my hands and knees at slow speed, still had minor cuts and bruises. That's exactly what I get for showing off. And a further reminder to wear safety gear. I should really be wearing some thin leather gloves I have...will be doing that in the future, as the hand scrapes are very distracting. Luckily the knee pads worked very good, but one slipped a bit causing a cut on one knee. My First Minor Damage!

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1 Month Update:

Ok, so now, just over a month of riding off and on, I'm getting closer to my first 100 mile mark.

Yesterday I ordered the valve extension @MaxLinux suggested a KS sub forum (getting tired of prying back the valve tube and concerned about tube damage);


And, I put Slime in both my tires (~3-4oz) each, and took it for a short 1 mi ride.

Progress. Still not a dedicated daily driver, but having fun.

I'm going to reward myself at the 100mi mark and take the cover off. :o . But I've already dropped it at least a dozen time and cracked the case, so no big deal.

Leaning heavily toward the KS16S as my next wheel. Thought the V8 is a close second.

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28 minutes ago, Circuitmage said:

Leaning heavily toward the KS16S as my next wheel.

It'll be a huge upgrade from the V3 and you'll love it!  Just got mine Tues and it's so good.  I can't wait to ride today!

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