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Small trick for cleaning your ACM


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IMPORTANT: Make sure your wheel is OFF during the entire procedure. Never switch your wheel on while the tire might be blocked. That can fry your wheel if you are unlucky!

I found this works quite well after riding in wet conditions, to get rid of mud or grass  or other stuff "baked" to your wheel on the inside (which, unlike dry dust, will only slowly go away on it's own and, until then, produces a constant annoying dirt drizzle when indoors).

Take a simple kitchen paper, fold once or twice, wrap around the tire, and use that to scrub the inside of the shell by simply rotating the tire. Does not get stuck but gently gets rid of the crap you don't want there (unlike the pictures, do it in the vertical position and simply push your wheel back and forth a little while it's off). You may be surprised how much dirt this might get out of there.



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Had a spontaneous night ride yesterday and since it was raining during daytime, there were some frogs and I almost ran over one (luckily it was frozen in place which allowed evasion).Close but no EUC roadkill yet. But this should work on frog guts too...

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