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Charger for a TG T3 unicycle


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If the Internets are right the TG T3 has a 132Wh 67 volt battery. You should be able to use any typical 67-volt 2-amp Li-Ion EUC charger if the charge port looks like this one. I think this one on Amazon would work but no guarantees.  If you live in the Washington DC area I can give you one, I have collected 3 of them but always use my 5-amp charger with a Charge Doctor. Be really careful with those TGs, they're fine for learning but you can easily overlean them and they only get about 4 miles on a charge. 

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@enigmeow also do not forget that if the cells in these batteries get too low the battery will be permanently damaged and will not take charge. If the owner lost the chargers you can bet they haven't been charged for a long time.When you say the charger you got turned out to be incorrect how did you establish that?

If the batteries are damaged They will have to be replaced which may cost more than the wheels are worth.

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