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Foot pad backward tilt


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Did you check to see if you have the speed limiter on?   I have never ridden any other firmware than v 1.2.2 so I would not understand the difference you are feeling.  Sorry if my guess is stupid. :)

Another stupid guess.  Did you check your ride setting - maybe it changed?  Meh, what do I know?

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I'm having this foot tilt problem but I'm a newbie so not sure if it's my (lack of) technique/experience or a device issue. 

As I was just able to ride without rails or my husband's hand for support I 'stacked' it hard onto asphalt a few times (because I hadn't really mastered how to gently slow and step off).

After 3 good bangs (poor wheel!) and I started to ride again, I felt like the wheel was gaining way too much speed that I wasnt pushing for and I couldn't balance to slow it. It was beginning to run away from me and my heels were planted downward excessively  (toes up) at a very steep angle. I'd come off the back of it. Each time I jumped off. No injury to me, but the S2 would be.

Im getting a bit scared of it now. Not sure if it's me or if I busted something on the first two stacks. I hadn't changed firmware. But I'm not experienced enough to understand what could be wrong. I love the wheel and would appreciate any encouragement or advice please.

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The S2 is such a beautiful thing! I have a V8 now but the S2 is like a part of you and just such a lovely thing to look at! If I could get more speed out of it (ie if I was half the weight:) then I would never have felt the need to "upgrade". Hows it all going now? I hope youre still at it! Id be keen to help/advise if u need, Ive taught 2 other to ride so far and theyre both almost better than me at this point:) Im injured is my excuse:) let me know!

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Well I'm much better now. Although I haven't ridden much. The kickback is still a problem. I think it's the speed limiter. I disarmed it, now it does it if I get to 23kmph which I think is the unit's limit. Not nice getting chucked off at that speed, but could be worse 😜

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Turn the Speed Limiter off in the app.

I only had my wheel for Xmas and was only coming off because of the rear tilt. Turned the limiter off yesterday and solved the problem. Whizzing around all over the place now, and did 5k yesterday in one run without any rear tilt.

Sooooo much easier! 

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