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Insurance for EUCs...


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  It was time to renew my cars/ home insurance and I asked where could/ would this fall under if I would to take coverage, house or something else. Agent didn't know what to answer but did get back to me same day with: separate/ special coverage, $50. delectable, from theft and here comes the best part... if you would to fall just like you would on bicycle (road condition, sand, rain etc.), they will cover it as long as it is not electric failure. My Msuper V3s and my son taking my ACM, $145. per year. Agent said "I have never seen anything like that, but very, very cool".

  I have full coverage on both machines for $145. w. $50. delectable/ year.

Ontario, Canada.

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6 minutes ago, Hatchet said:

Neat. I'm surprised they will insure an "illegal vehicle". Might be a sting!:efee96588e:

I'm going to look into that with my insurer here, thx for the tip!

Agent said this is goes under bicycle/ electric scooter category.

This is not coverage like you get for a car, but more like bicycle sometimes gets covered under house insurance, this is sort of similar coverage.

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