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Gotway MCM4 Android app problem

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New Gotway user here. My phone is Nexus 6p. The system settings sees the wheel but refuses to pair. I heard that's normal. I have tried two apps: one is GotWay.apk from kebye.com. This one shows a splash screen, then another screen saying 2.0, New something, Blabla, and gets permanently stuck there. Another one is called Gotway_4.0_Dual_English_Chinese, which I downloaded from this forum. It requires manual pairing and thus seems to be incompatible with MCM4.

What am I doing wrong? How important is the app anyway? Thanks for the help!

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Ok, I found one app that connects to my wheel. I'm not sure how to describe it, but the .apk is about 2MB in size, as opposed to 38MB apk that I used to find before. I only tried it briefly at home so far. What worries me is that it shows battery charge 0%. The battery is definitely charged and for me battery monitoring is probably the best value the app can give. This is rather disappointing..

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@Pasi thanks, that seems to be the one I've got. Should it display battery charge, or is it "normal" that it shows 0% ?


Edit: update: after waiting for a while and randomly tapping the screen (not sure if relevant) it finally displayed charge. I guess this willl have to make do.

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