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New ninebot elite 1.5.0 firmware

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Hi. Few weeks ago I buy brand new elite.

By my stupidyty i have uploaded the 1.5.0 firmware. does any one knows is it possible to downgrade it to 1.4.0?

the 1.5.0 is limiting my speed from 17.5KM/h and simply I dont like it. when i had it running with 1.4.0 it was way faster then now...

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2 hours ago, Bohrstein said:

I have the 1.5.0 firmware installed. There is no speed limit (mine is at 22 km/h). Did you check the max. speed in the settings of the app?


You must have the PTR + with higher battery cappacity. they have v max 22KM/h. My top speed there show V-max 20 and it is 20ish but constant speed is 17,5KM/h and it tilt back at this speed to the possition of steering touthing my body :/ this all happen when I uploaded 1.5.0

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I have the same issue on my PTR Elite +.

my top speed on firmware 1.5.0 was 25kph with lean back about 22kph.

under firmware 1.5.2 top speed is 14kph with lean back at 11kph.

i do think this may be related to the app version 4 as it still says 22mph but limits the speed to the bottom of the slider which shows 6.8mph. 

I think PTR owners should avoid this firmware upgrade. Especially those owners in the US because Segway has dropped all support for owners here.

i have just emailed Ninebotus and hope to hear from them soon about this. 

I will let everyone know. 

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