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I haven't made a nice box for this yet but it's working really well. This is a step up boost converter. It charges my MiniPro and my Ninebot One E+ from any input source from 12v to 60v. I carry a couple of Lipo packs in my bag and when my battery gets low I stop for a charge. 

I can set the max voltage to suit whatever I want to charge and I can adjust the max current to whatever I need, so if I'm in a hurry I can quick charge the E+ at 3 or 4 amps. 

The Mini Pro charges at 2 amps. At 3 amps it doesn't begin charging so there must be protection circuitry to prevent charging at too high a current.

I have it set to 62.8v which fully charges the E+ and charges the MiniPro to its real full capacity (like our 63v European friends). 

Now I can go much farther on my journeys. Not only with the real 100% charge but by being able to top up my battery when I'm out.




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I thought I'd update this as it has been a year since I started using it.  The metal enclosure of the Mk1 (main thread here: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/7220-portable-universal-charger/ ) was bigger and heavier than it needed to be and was bulky in my now smaller backpack.  So I made a very small enclosure for the circuit and I now carry the watt meter in a separate pocket of my backpack.  This is a much less bulky way to go.  The watt meter is not strictly necessary as the converter is set to 62.95 volts with a current limit of 2 amps, which is ideal for my Segway One S1 and my MiniPro.  But I like to monitor what's going into the EUC when I charge on the go so I don't have to rely on the app for charge status (which in the past has been blocked when Ninebot's servers were down), so the watt meter comes with me most days.  With the slim Lipo packs in my bag and this portable charger I know I have enough energy for at least 50km of real world riding.  This all stems from the range anxiety I got in my early EUC days after I had to limp home at 4km per hour when my battery dropped to single digits on a long ride. 

The heat sink is exposed and it seems to stay cool enough to not need the fan anymore, reducing size further.  I sort of feel like I can go anywhere, without worrying about range.  The Drok boost converter has been working very well for over a year now and is well worth the $36.  )






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23 hours ago, jojo33 said:

you can have a look to the Charge Doctor http://hobby16.neowp.fr/2016/02/06/charge-doctor-v2-10a-3/


and you can buy it with directly here http://hobby16.neowp.fr/buy/ or to Jason Mc Neil shop here https://www.ewheels.com/product/chargedoctor-duo-for-v5f-king-song-gotway-inmotion-v8/

Why would I do that? 

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The Charge Doctor  exists for two years now and is very experienced in the EUC community, maybe the Hobby16 blog information would interest you, you could also compare with those products you bought, and see what are the more interesting

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