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King Song KS16S soon to arrive

Dr Mick

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Hello there!  I am new to this forum and I am also new to King Song. But after having read a lot of the threads here, I decided that the KS16S is probably the best wheel for me - maybe not as fast as a Gotway ACM but safer and with more of a quality oriented design thinking.

I ordered it directly from Diana@szkingsong.com last week and today she gave me the UPS tracking number for it. Diana has been very helpful and service minded, so I am now super excited to actually try out the wheel when it arrives in 10 days or so...!

Although I am still very much an amateur, this will be my third wheel. I started on an Orb Wheel X2 that is now broken after having suffered too many bruises, but then went on to an IPS Zero and a Xima Lhotz.

Will let you know what I think of the KS16S when it gets here!

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