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weak axle on the left side ?


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Hi guys,

I know most people seem to have a right strong foot, and mount on the right pedal first, but I was wondering if there is a weaker side for the motor axle ? My MCM4, that I mount on the left side, seems to have the axle bent on the left side, I can still ride it no problems but I learned how to mount on the otherside to prevent further damage to the axle, but is it true that axles are weaker on the left side ? Is it the case on all EUC ? Are all Gotway axles the same size from "14" to "18" ?

On my bigger EUC such as the monster, due to the bigger axle, I don't care which side I'm mounting on, but on the smaller EUC I'm wondering..


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This is a very good question that I've thought about more than a few times because my wheels seem to occasionally and strongly prefer to pull to one side or another.

However, shinning a light up the wheel seems to show the magnets and the wheel have very very little clearance between, which in turn makes me worry a lot about debris getting stuck in there. I think even a small bend in the axle would get the wheel stuck against the magnets.

What I do is ride quite slowly with one foot when mounting, and with little energy eventually place my other foot on the pedal. It took me weeks of great effort to learn to do that.

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