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Ball Bearing mcm4

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1 hour ago, Francesco Gulberti said:

It makes noise. Do you know Dimensions? exact


Are the pedals firm?  

The most common problem is the nut securing the pedal arm to the wheel hub. It comes lose with use.

How many miles before you notice noise?

The other common source of noise is the pedal arm rubbing against the motor case.

Can you describe why you think is the bearing?

can you open the wheel motor case and measure? Or you don't want to open until you have the part?  I will try to find out size of the bearing. Will post if I find. 

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21 minutes ago, Francesco Gulberti said:

Chinese sellers tell me the wrong size.

Bearings really are not rocket science. The are always an exact size in either metric or imperial I.e. If it looks to be around 15mm it IS 15mm, if it doesn't appear to be an exact number of millimetres its imperial. They are measured as: inside diameter, outside diameter, width and the additional letters cover how, if at all, it is sealed - rubber, metal, open cage, etc. They are available everywhere for example your photo shows this one or very close equivalent: https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/p20102080/Codex-62022RS-Rubber-Sealed-Deep-Groove-Ball-Bearing-15x35x11mm/product_info.html?backstep=1. The extra 2 in the above code I.e. 62022RS just means it has 2 rubber seals (RS) so there is one on the inside as well as outside.

So if the bearing in your wheel is 15mm inside, 35mm outside and 11mm deep then that is the right one. The one you originally showed is 17x35x10 so the difference should be very visible.

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