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KS14c NEW motor Motha board question


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Just got back my transport toy from repair of bent cracking axle.

Must say Kingsong France took care of this factory problem with professionalism!

Very glad from reading here to buy local just in case, THANKS!

Questions please for those in the know.

Does the new mother board over heat like the first?

I already do not like the LOUD hello KINGSONG when turning on, BUT nice to not have to deal with blue tooth button to connect.

Also interesting the loud "decelerate" warning but I have not reset factory speeds yet.

Is there a difference in ride modes as compaired to gen V1 pcb board?

How is Version 1.25 different from again the first?


Does the new axle bend and crack like the first please?

Has anyone had unexpected shut down?

I grew VERY confident in my V1 set up as NEVER had unexpected shut down but did have tilt back when idle over heat.

Do I give the new set up the same?

The first rides will include full face motor cycle helmet and FULL protection but as is getting warmer would like to go back to wrist guards only soon for VERY mellow sessions.

And if I missed anything please let me know.




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