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Unicycle with handles

F.J. Abaya

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It looks like someone just stuck a tire to one of those generic carbon fiber handlebars like the Monorover R4 uses. Basically has all the electrics in the upright, so a bunch of different companies buy them and slap them onto virtually identical scooters. Not to imply that it's a bad thing. Something like that would be a great way to baby-step someone into EUCs, and even if they never make the switch they're at least riding electric some of the time!

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I want to try this! It has something that none of our EUCs or MiniPros have; suspension.

They have taken one of these:


And combined it with an EUC, made the wheel super wide for easy balance and small for portability.

It may not be as practical as an EUC or MiniPro for serious transportation, but I love that it's something new. And it has suspension!

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It looks pretty cool to me. When I was learning to ride my EUC I thought "I wonder if handle bars would make this easier". I think if this Kiwano K01 is priced right it might do well. There's so little info online about it.



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