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Yesterday had a crazy idea I'm going around in my head with the possibility to charge my Gotway MSuper V3S 1300Wh 84v quicker as it takes 12h approximately. I saw a video while ago from Speedyfeet with a splitter so we can plug 2 chargers in to one GX-16 4pin port (charge connector of this wheel).

After looking to the options I find at almost 150€ the 5A fast charger from speedyfeet an a 70€ 3A charger in Aliexpress, both options are expensive.

I just remembered that the charger from my other wheel ( Inmotion V8) also is 84v and 1.5A exactly the same as the gotway MSuper V3S, only difference is the the V8 is 3 Pin while MSuper is 4 Pin and since I found here in this forum yesterday thanks to @esaj what type of connectors are used. I ordered 2 sets (male/female) of 4pin and 3pin so I can do a Y connection to plug the 2 chargers and just one female output GX16-4pin to get then 3A charger and reduce charging time to half (6h) but if needed can still do a full slow charge.


Just need to get were + and - for each charger and the MSuper to make everything go smooth without explosions ? and sparks ⚡️ 

Question to the experts, do you see any inconvenient in doing this?



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46 minutes ago, FULspeed said:

Hi Noillek,

Do you know this product? I use it and I think is very useful. (with double entry for my 84v ACM)

In any case you should find many useful info in this site, i.e. the right connector connections.


Thank you @FULspeed, is not exactly what I want to do but it gave me enough information to create my version of 2 different connector chargers in one... anyhow I did order a Charge Doctor V2 for my Gotway 84v version. This way with the connectors that I already ordered I will do a converter 3 pin to 4 pin and the other way around so I can double charge both of my wheels if I want.


Thanks for the info once again

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For such kind of capacity, you can charge with 6A (can link in parallel 3 charger) without any problem for battery life, but becareful at wire diameter.

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On 5/7/2017 at 1:14 PM, esaj said:

You seem to know how to measure which pin is which (+, -, no connection), so the danger should be pretty much minimal as long as you don't go way overboard with the currents. The GX16 -connectors are (more or less) officially rated at 5A max, although it might be conservative. If the single connector in the chain heats up (ie. if the wheel only has one connector), you might haver to change to a more heavy duty connector (or use more connectors in parallel). @smallexis already brought up the wire-size (use thick wire to prevent it from heating).

As for where to get fast chargers, 1Rad can build custom chargers from 100W (about 1.2A for 84V) to 1500W (about 17.85A for 84V), as well as has ready-made models for 67.2V & 84V wheels:

Chargers from 100 W to 1500 W in all voltages


  • Output voltage according to customer requirements (one week delivery time)
  • Current chargers in stock
  • Chargers of the highest quality
  • Aluminum casing
  • Line filter on the input side
  • Circuit protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, temperature monitoring in the charger

If desired, the charge termination to 80% or 90% thus a substantial increase in the lifetime of the battery

According to data sheets, a previous charge (80%) results in a battery life of up to 3 times.


The battery should be fully charged every 20 to 30 charges with the original charger, as only the balancers work and minimum balance differences are compensated.


This is not necessary for batteries (for example original Ninebot) without a balancer circuit. (These batteries have limited durability by saving this necessary balancer circuit)








On 5/7/2017 at 2:15 PM, meepmeepmayer said:

1. CHARGE DOCTOR WITH TWO INPUTS!!!!! Good, you already ordered one.

2. The speedyfeet chargers are the ones from 1radwerkstatt.de (look at the logo on speedy pictures). The GW 84V 5A is 100€ there + free shipping to EU (but out of stock currently). Others should be cheaper too.

http://www.1radwerkstatt.de/epages/80603321.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/80603321/Products/Charger (use drop down menu to select)

Just remember, not more than 5A on one charge port, wires aren't made for more. So don't put 5A + the original 1.5A into the doctor and the doctor into the wheel, that's 6.5A, too much.

Thank you both my intention is to keep it at 3A, by using the 2 chargers that i have and maybe a 3rd one if needed but would be still 4.5A max... will keep you posted as soon as start to get all the parts... i'm trying to prepare for some endurance ride... need to get the charging times down, after that will need to map and plan the recharge points along the route.

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