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Monster mudguard?

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After getting covered in dust from riding along the canal (much more so than I do when riding my ACM) I was wondering if anyone know's if there's been a mudguard made the the monster yet? Though with the size of it and the mess it makes it could probably do with something front and back. Maybe stick some from a moto-x bike on! :lol:

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Have no Monster owners worked on a mudguard yet? Surely there must be someone out there with a 3D printer? :( 

As I'm going to be using my Monster even for work, while my ACM is out of action, a mudguard would be really appreciated. On really nice mornings I could take the longer, more scenic, route into work without getting covered in so much dust or getting wet if it's wet out.

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14 minutes ago, Williepimpin said:

Im working on a mudguard for the monster. I have made a few so far with no real winners yet, but will post when i have a ready to print version




4 minutes ago, WARPed1701D said:

Didn't I recently read that @Duf was working on one with another forum member? Have a search and see what you can find. Maybe I'm thinking of something else. It was in the last week I'm sure.

Great news! I knew I'd read about Duf working on one but couldn't remember his name and a search for mudguards just pulled up my post or ones for the MSuper V3.
I look forward to seeing what people can come up with :popcorn:

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Any progress on this?

After successfully printing a mud guard for my MSX I'm now looking for a similar design for a Monster.

As it is I just happened upon this video (which is about playing sounds) but the rider seems to have a rather nice 3D printed mudguard on what appears to be a Gotway Monster:


Anyone know what that is?

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just need a double-sided tape and a zip tie , it's super easy but works great as you can see in the picture B)




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4 minutes ago, EMA said:

you can find it here with other stuff i've designed :

Thanks @EMA

I can find this model:

But I'm after more of a fender type cover as in the screen capture above.


My main reason for wanting the guard is actually to try to prevent things from being drawn into the wheel rather than to prevent mud being thrown up as such. This is because one time I actually had the tail of my coat get caught and drawn in leading to a rather nasty accident.

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5 minutes ago, EMA said:

ok, so you need something strong i think, this is like a plastic sheet, it's 2 layers of tpu

Yeah, I'm after something like this MSX guard, but for a Monster: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3230717

The frame captured from the video above looks to be exactly what I'm after. Just need to workout where it came from.

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Speedy Feet put a MSX mudguard on and said it just covers the last light. I just ordered one and going to do the same. 


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It looks like MSX mudguard fits -  as Ian review shows,  The problem with MSX mudguard is way to small to be effective for 18" MSX if You ride above 20 km/h so it will be even worse on Monster.  I have designed bigger one - see below. I do not have the access to the monster, If I meet with my friend who has, we can test it, but it will be a while due to COVID-19 In fact I have several "development" pieces. If somebody is interested I am willing to sell at similar price to MSX mudugard. It is printed from soft material so it will not break.





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On 5/2/2020 at 3:33 PM, Lukasz said:

Development models, final model is longer.


msx mudguard development2.jpg

Hi i would like to test some of this model, i will be posible to send me the stl file?

Thanks, i can't find any other model on internet, the other are for MSX and MS3

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