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Speed  40KM/h after unlocked with ISN code( Factory setting is 18km/h for first alarm, 19km/h for second alarm and 20km/h for tilt back)
Mileage 70-80KM
Maximum Gradibility Around 30°
Battery 840wh with featuring equilibrium, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current protection 
Operating Temperature  -10ºC/+60ºC
Max Load 150Kg
Charger Input AC 80~240 V ,Output DC 67.2V,2A
Charging Time 7.0H
Rated Power 1200W
Max Power 3000W
Appearance of the weight 
Machine Size (mm) 680mm(H) x465mm(L) X 190mm(Thickness)
Package Size (mm) 760(H) x 500(L) X 220(mm)(Thickness)
Pedal distance from ground  130mm
Tire Size 18inch, Diameter 480mm
Net Weight/Gross Weight 18KG
Body Interface  Charging port, power on/off button, bluetooth on/off button, illuminating & braking lights,  Light Induction Port
Display Pannel  by Colorful LED lights 
 Production measures
Tilting Protection  45° side to side  left and right. ( Motor stalls  when over 45° ) Place the machine vertically on the ground to restart automatically, noneed to restart manually. 
Speed Limit Protection Beep when exceed limit speed 
Low Battery Protection  Low battery protection activated on 10% battery; when the battery is lower than 5%,the front part of the pedal will rise to decelerate until full stop. 
Battery Indicator   Highlight LED to indicate battery level 
 Battery Level   Flicker when battery lower than 5%, LED bar will full light up when battery over 85%, then fade gradually one by one with the battery consumption. 
Sound Alerting  Long buzz when tilting sideways, beep when powered on, continual beep when low battery protection is activiated. 
Standard Package   Electric Unicyle  x 1; Charger x 1 ; User Manual x 1;

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