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 Hello all, new user here. I just purchased a Segway mini pro a few weeks ago and have run into a serious issue. When I am going above a few miles an hour I will hit a small bump and it will hook me to the right or left very hard and then re-center.  I called segway for help and they had me re-calibrate by turning the Segway upside down and holding the power button. That seem to work OK, but after I tried it later it's still continued to hook right and left even harder than before. It is definitely not safe to use now. The guy also had me tighten some of the bolts on the connecting rod and at the back of the mini pro, but it seemed to do nothing for me. Has anyone had this sort of issue? What has worked to solve the problem? 




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When you say it hooks you left and right, can you explain that any differently? Is it steering itself right and left without you giving any steering input at all?

Have you tried turning the steering sensitivity all the way down? I ride mine on the lowest setting.

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Two wheeled self balancing vehicles are always going to suffer from torque steer on rough ground as bumps seldom hit both wheels simultaneously. It's simple physics and cannot be easily overcome.

It should only be noticeable at higher speeds though.

It's the main reason that electric unicycles are safer and more stable at higher speeds!

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I too have been having the same problem as the OP.

My minipro will hit a crack in the pavement and then suddenly 

turn violently to the left or the right. And if it doesn't toss me off

it will keep drifting in that direction no matter what I do.

When I stop, it will spin slowly in that same direction.

If I dismount and then get back on It seems to reset.

But then it will do the same thing shortly after when I hit another crack.

Any ideas what is going on?

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7 hours ago, 68bugboy said:

So where would one get a new steering shaft and/or Hall effect sensor?

If your Mini is under warranty, contact your segway dealer
If it is not guaranteed, you can disassemble yourself and check

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On 7/2/2018 at 4:53 PM, 68bugboy said:

It is not under warranty.

I plan on disassembly to check it out.

Just trying to figure out where to purchase replacement parts.

Is there a part number for the hall sensor?

maybe it's just hall sensor to screw...

in USA you have more4mini, ask them 


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OK. I disassembled the unit.

Everything looked fine.  Steering shaft was tight and unbroken.

The hall sensor seems to be OK.  Wires were firmly connected.

Put it all back together and went for a ride.  Problem still persists.

Tried full reset and recalibration and it still does the same thing.

The part that bugs me is it only happens when hitting a bump.

If the hall sensor was malfunctioning, wouldn't it happen at other times?

If I step off and get back on it seems to reset..... until the next bump.

Could it be a loose connection somewhere?

Could it be the foot pad weight sensors?

I'm at a loss.......

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It does sound strange, could be one of the magnets in the steering sensor is loose, but the fact that you say you can step off and back on and have it correct itself is at odds with the steering sensor issue.  Are you connected with the app while riding, any message on the app when it occurs?  Any beeps from the machine?

I don't think it is a foot pad issue since I've never known that to cause a left or right movement.  Did you check if either wheel mount rattles? Do you think it is possible one motor stops?  That could be a loose connection.  strange that it can be left or right.

Does not really seam like it could be the steering sensor if it will go one way or the other. if not a loose connection it could be one of the boards is cracked.

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No feedback from the app. No beeps or flashes from machine.

Wheel mounts are tight and solid. I am going to tear into it

again tomorrow.  Will check for loose magnets and loose connections.

Also going to look at the board in the shark fin for issues.

Not giving up yet!

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Did the tear down again.

reseated all motor connections.

reseated all connections on the shark fin control board.

checked the steering shaft again, reseated magnets.

reflowed ALL the solder points on the hall sensor board.

Took it for an 11 mile ride and had ZERO issues!

will keep you posted if problem reappears.

thanks for all the advice!

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Just had a similar issue. Firmware 1.1.7. Off-road on a manicured dirt pathway, one wheel hit a small loose stone and the minipro veered to the right without warning, throwing me, and twisting my ankle badly. I could see the tyre tracks in the pathway surface. I think it is exacerbated by a combination of the load (rider weight, I am 90Kg) and the gradient (the path was going steeply uphill). Interesting thing is that this silly behavior at obstacles seems to be only a problem when the original Ninebot tyres are fitted. I have a second minipro, with the 90/65 chunky off-road tyres from more4mini, which has never done this, and which takes small gutters smoothly.  When I looked at the Ninebot tyres more closely I found that their sidewalls are very rigid, so much so that I might as well be using solid tyres. At low pressures the minirpo is running on the sides of the tyres, not floating on a cushion of air, as it should be. Consequently, any object you hit gives an immediate shock to the accelerometers, rather than being partially absorbed by the pneumatic tyre. I guess Ninebot think the rigidity is protecting the rider against accidental low tyre pressure. Idiots!

The problem with the 90/65 off-road tyres is that although they provide an air-cushion, the tyre itself is pretty solid, and even at 6psi a finger cannot be pressed far into the tyre... I have ordered some tyres from China that look much better. The seller says they are designed for 'off-road' use on the Xiaomi Balance Scooter. They are 'thorn resistant' 4 ply rating, yet only weigh 1.6lbs (the same as the original ninebot tyres). The chunky off-road tyres weigh more than twice as much. I will post a review when they arrive, provided my ankle heals enough to ride again :(

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Interesting thought on the tires.

I have been thinking about the hybrid tires.

I wonder if that would make a difference?

I still think in my case it was the hall sensor.

After reflowing the solder on all the connections the problem

has not returned. There must have been something loose and when

hitting a bump one of the connections would loose contact momentarily 

causing the crazy behavior.

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Do you have any pictures you could send me of your disassembly and what you did? I use my Mini pro for work and it's been giving me the hardest time anytime it hits the smallest bump. I have tried all the stuff segway mentioned to you when you first had the problem and it hasn't had any improvement. Would love to get some tips on what to do to. If you could email me some pics that would be so helpful!!

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