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Gotway ACM16 84V

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Hi, I moved you topic to Gotway since you accidently posted it in the Inmotion section...


59 minutes ago, diegoxxx said:

Witam jak mogę sprawdzić napięcie mojego acm16 84V w aplikacji widzę mniej 62 .. 100% battery może moja wersja nie posiada 84

Google Translate: "Hello how can i check the voltage of my acm16 84v in the application i see less 62 .. 100% battery my version can not have 84"

In which application? The original version?

Imho there were already some discussions, that the 84V Versions only show the 62V in the app. I did not really follow them - i just remember that this is/was the normal behaviour and only an display error from (?some?) apps...

But i am sure some experienced Gotway riders can give you more details!

Otherwise if you know how to open the ACM and have a multimeter you can just measure the battery voltage. Before you can measure the output voltage of your charger.

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