Short notice I know. @jrkline and myself will be riding the full Rincon to Cogswell Dam loop this Saturday, at 9am. It's 25 to 30 miles. Looks like the weather is going to be hot, so bring plenty of water and energy food. Some of us have ridden half the loop, the out-and-back Cogswell side. Today we will depart on the South side of the mountain range, climb up to the ridge, and return via Cogswell on the north side of the mountain. Although half of the ride is mostly downhill, I think this should only be attempted with a wheel that has 40+ mile range, to be conservative. Otherwise you may end up with a 5+ mile walk at the end. See the previous posting for details on where to meet, fees to be paid, etc. @jrkline @noisycarlos @Questor @nbxpq3 @Sketch @Roll Model @enigma35 @csmyers @swvision  @Ando Melkonyan @abinder3 @captainwells @Tjtripp