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Is it possible to find out exactly which KingSong model (also which battery!) you got with the serial no?


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Hi guys,

im currently thinking about trading my V5F for a KS16 however the owner doesn't know exactly  

which battery version the KS16 has installed. oO

the android app says  firmware is KS16B V1.23

I also see a serial # .  Can I match the serial # with the actual model somewhere?

which amount of miles or km would a fully charged battery show for the different KS16 models?


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KS16b/c should be 680Wh - two batteries 32cells each = 64 cells  16s4p . It should show around 60km range in the KS app when fully charged.

Simple way to check if it is not some stripped down version would be to weight it -  it shall be around 16,77 kg




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hmmmm I installed the app KS-App-Sep-2016.apk
and it just shows the serial number not the exact model and battery type.

over night I charged the KS-16 to 100% battery
on my android phone I can't even tell what the app above wants to tell me
with its numbers? standing still the speedometer shows 0 km/h
and beneath that I see "keep cycling for 28" ??  where the metric
miles or km should be the screen display is just cut off,
the width used for the font is wider than the screen resolution.
my swag is it's 28 km ;)
to make things worse when you start the app first time it says 59km
for the glimpse of a second then goes straight to 28 or 29 . oO

I then installed KS_828.apk for the kicks and now it shows 74 km remaining?? lol

As for displaying the model on top of the main screen,
you could install just about any app on the link above
and it would show your device as KS828 or KSwhatever,
unfortunately this is pretty useless as every app seems to 
work with every device!!

You could sell your KS16-340Wh as KS16-840Wh on eBay together
with the KS16-828 app. This just calls for distributors scamming 
their customers.

I'd like to have at least the KS-16 680Wh version for a V5 trade.
of course the very best way would be some online form from KingSong
where you paste the serial number and get the exact model type,
like it works for cars.


I can't really dismantle the device as I dont own it yet... it's just lent.
I'm afraid I need to find some digital scale or go on a looong ride ;)

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I tried darknessbot for 5 minutes as im full on android fanboy ;)
the app doesn't know about your battery size, you have to manual tap + 
to increase the initial value of 340Wh.

thanks Lukasz,
today my digital scale arrived and it says the KS16b is 17,27 kg (including some bumper stripes)
I'm beginning to think this was a great trade!!

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