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KingSong KS18A+ battery question


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Greetings to all !

I have encountered the question whether my ( KS18A 1200W ) 1020Wh batteries are okay ?

I am now 13,91km traveled to work and back 13,91km. It all 27,82km  ( or 17,29miles ). Driving home, for a few kilometers before the last, began the speed limit under 30 km h ( or under 18,6MPH ). I went to the same place two days in a row and both times the exact same result . I drove about 25 - 33kmh but many traffic intersections and many accelerations I had to do.

I took the wheel while the room at +22°C ( 71.6°F ) but outside the temperature was +7°C ( 44.6°F ).  My own weight is 94kg and wheel about 22kg . 

My KS18 is SW v1.25 and distances I checked both the GPS and the APP ( this distance was very little difference as seen in photographs ).

Either the day and after the little wait showed of 50% battery .

The question then is whether the batteries are weak, or is this normal ?








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