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Upgrade Gotway MSuper?


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To expand on the previous answer:

You can add more 67V batteries if you modify the shell to make more space. Maybe just get the wider side plates from the V3s, V3s+, not sure if they give enough extra space to make sense, really depends on the additional battery packs. Not easy, but doable, I guess. People here can help you connecting the additional battery pack(s).

Optionally you can open your battery packs and use the cells as part of a bigger battery if you can do that or someone can do it for you. Very complicated, but better use of space (maybe)! I would not do that, not worth the work.

Here is an example of a 680Wh ACM modification, to give you an idea. It's extra batteries next to the old ones, with wider custom side covers to fit them in.

The V3s and V3s+ have 84V system (as opposed to the 67V for the 680, 820 Wh) which is 25% more powerful, but that requires a new board and 84V battery packs (you'd definitely have to open your packs and reconfigure the cells, or get entirely new packs which is even more $$$$$ and a waste of the expensive 680Wh 67V you have).

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as you did not asked for modifying the 67volt...i did not mention it...but even that is not easy...as you also have to arrange your cells new!

i did this myself to my V3:

now it can be easily upgraded to 1500wh...but take a look ...the first steps to make one pack out of your 680wh pack is difficult....as you can not double them that easy with the wider shell.....

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