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New KS-16S Issue


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3 minutes ago, KingSong69 said:

Thanks Marty! But i meant another one...it was much more detailed and described not only the meaning of the beeps. It also has some of the most common failure situations listed, and what can be done to find the culprit of that failure and how to deal with it. But unfortunatly i am not able to find it :-(

Wow, that sounds like a great resource. Can't you use your super-admin-powers to find it for us? I'll even give you rep :D

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16 hours ago, DaveThomasPilot said:

Just re-iterating what KingSong69 said.  I'd find out what the 4 red LED means. 

Someone had to write code to make those four LEDs (only) light up red and it's indicating something.   That might be a clue to the root cause of the problem.


The meaning of the four lights depends on which lights are lit. My understanding is that 1 & 4 lit means the motor has failed. At least when I showed KingSong that it was indeed the 1st & 4th red lights that were on they immediately sent me a new motor. They did ask to verify that it wasn't 1 & 3. Obviously that means something else. What I have no idea. 

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