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Waterproofing the IPS Zero

Chris Westland

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There have been some reports of dodgy IPS Zero behavior due to rain getting into the on/off switch (basically the Zero won't turn off).  I decided to rainproof with a simple DIY fix I thought I'd share.  I bought a set of 20 of these plastic switch covers (I think that is what they are) for about $3 on eBay, and used a bead of BobSmith's Maxi-cure (cyanoacrylate) to seal it around the switch.  Problem sorted. 





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39 minutes ago, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

Nice mod!  How's your Zero holding up?  It hasn't dropped you since that one time long ago has it?  I sort of remember you had a shutoff with it before?

No problems whatsoever ... and the accident I had earlier was due to catching the pedal on a curb.  I can't really blame that on the IPS Zero ... well, maybe I could try :-)     I do tend to ride my V8 more, as it is better for longer distances and varied terrain.   The Zero excels on bike-paths and sidewalks.  

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