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Please enable KS software to run on the smartwatch - Petition to KingSong


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Dear All,

Would You like to have the KingSong application running on Your (inexpensive and easy visible) smartwatch instead of (expensive, bulky and easy to drop) smartphone? 

If yes - please support this petition to KingSong to make this concept come true. 

This would be very nice functionality as watch is easy to....  "watch" on - for example  ZGPAX S83 watch


Current status is that - KS app starts sand show scanner (no way to select the KS as this is below, and watch is 320x320 pix screen) also WheelLog starts -but can not connect as it needs first KS app to "initiate" communication in 1.25 - anybody around with KS16 firmware V1.23 and the android smartwatch to test it? like ZGPAX S83 watch, to test Your app to run on 320x320pix Android 5.1 system.

So the required modification from KingSong side is probably minimal - just remove the "scanner" or make it smaller, or make the found devices as overlay, or show them on top of the scanner wheel




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