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In motion V8


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Do you know if the v8 motor is 800w nominal/ 1600 peak . Or 3500w peak? 

It s difficult to find this information on Internet.  I saw 1600w peak  in a post (about range and secure speed) but I saw 3200 and 3500 in some forums . Someone know the real information ?



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1 hour ago, Planetpapi said:

Hmm. What does this graph mean? Is it good or bad?

You need to compare with the other tests, but basically this is good.  You get steady power increase up to 2.2 horsepower (or KW ... it says both) at around 24 KMH.   Thats with about a 500lb inertial drum, so for a 150lb rider (me) expect the curve to extend to the right... which is good given that the V8 software lets you accelerate up to about 19mph (30 KMH).

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