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Gotway acm. Custom mount for LED light

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Connections that can easily be snapped apart in case of a crash. At least that is the idea behind it.
The mount is 3d modeled in Fusion 360 and printed on my FDM printer. Wanhao i3 plus. The case is mounted in place with screws from the back and silicone to prevent water from getting inside.17359363_1417408504999850_4934950117156199925_o.thumb.jpg.556ea7ace36b7008385f0217433ae9ec.jpg







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1 hour ago, yourtoys7 said:

A+, you should defiantly do same on the opposite side positioned slightly lower or higher, it would look amazing and you never know when you just might need extra light...

Yes i agree!, but im not going to, because then i cant slide it under the seat on the train without also scraping to ledcase on the floor. 

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