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Maxspeed measurements with KS16B and Firmware V1.25


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Hi mates,

as promised I did some tests with the new firmware 1.25 on my KS16B, because there was the rumour (or info) that the maxspeed is now not lowered at 50% battery capacity, but at a lower capacity level (which would excite some folks including myself :-) ).

Short answer:

Yes, as an opposite to Ninebot (who worsened the firmware of my former MiniPro) Kingsong continuously enhanced the KS16 firmware, and now maxspeed is lowered around 20% battery capacity, not before. For me that's great, although it means there is a little bit shorter range, if I always drive at maxspeed (which I tend to do).

What I also like is, that the maxspeed is not hard cutted from 30 to 25 km/h at a specific capacity level, but it goes down in a smooth reduction curve, starting at approximately 20% battery capacity.


Long answer:

The test was done on a nearly completely flat terrain, and my KS16B has alarm1 and alarm2 turned off, and alarm3 and tiltback are set to 30 km/h (the maximum possible).

The screenshots were done when the wheel was continuously beeping, but still no strong tiltback, so not at an absolute peak speed, but at a maxspeed which can be kept for at least 5 seconds or more.  This way I hope to have comparable results.

The first screenshot at 63% capacity level is what you would always expect, also with firmware 1.23, the 30 km/h can be easily reached:



Already more interesting at 34%, the set maxspeed can still be reached easily:



6 km and  nearly 11 minutes later at 30% capacity, still no maxspeed reduction:



Half a minute later I had to climb a small hill, still possible at full speed with 25% capacity:



3 minutes and 2 km later, at 21% the speed reduction is for the first time recognizable:



But it's still higher than 25 km/h, the maxspeed seems to be reduced in a soft way, not with a hard cut:



Now, only around 10%, the 25 km/h limit seems to be reached:



And kept until the battery is nearly empty (from App point of view):



Also interesting:

In the Wheellog graphic it can be seen that the maxspeed is always the same (around 30 km/h) from begin on until approximately between 12h16 and 12h17, and from then on during the next 15 minutes it goes smoothly down from 30 to 25 km/h, no hard cut at a specific capacity:



My conclusion:

I like what i see regarding the maxspeed reduction, it is done in a great way in a responsible manner, from my point of view ! :):ph34r::wub:

I also encountered a rather strong tiltback in the last quarter of my ride, when I was driving slightly downhill and did a very strong acceleration from nearly zero to above maxspeed.

The tiltback was as strong as I never had it before on my KS16, so I was a little bit shocked, although it was no problem to decelerate. :)

Regardless if this is also new with 1.25 or if it was already like that before, this is a good safety feature, because I was REALLY forced to decelerate by that ! :)

To me the KS16B became an even better wheel by the firmware upgrade, although I already was very happy with it before !


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3 minutes ago, Adlers83 said:

Now I wish the same thing for my Ks18!

I mean it has more power and with 1360wh twice the capacity but its the same firmware. So the same topspeed when reaching 58v approx

Kingsong has allready said that it is only possible for the KS16 to do that.....

But at what Speeds do you get the warning beeps? I have the Feeling that with 1.25 there did also come a slight better "Management" for my KS18...i reported here:

Btw.: This has nothing to do with Batterie capacity=WH.....it's just that on lower voltages you Need more amps for the Motor....if it is 50%58V on 840WH or 50%/58Volt on 1360Wh does not matter

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