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Hi guys, I bought a MiniPro last Friday and I've been learning all the weekend. But the main issue I've found is that I don't find the best position for the steering column. Now I have an hematoma inside of each knee. I have try to push it up at many positions, but I don't find the right position. Can someone help me? It's a shame not to use it because it hurts me inside the knees.

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I find it works best slightly above the knee. But you shouldn't be gripping it between your knees or legs.  You should only rest lightly against it, applying slight pressure as required for steering.  The MiniPro should be able to tilt left or right beneath you on sloping ground without either knee pressing on the padded steering bar, otherwise you will find yourself going in a not-straight line.  Bend your knees slightly to absorb bumps and to allow space between the padded steering bar and your knee when not actually steering.  Think of a skier's stance.

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Yeap, the only time you need to touch the control arm is when you need to turn/adjust course...

I wish they had adjustment forward and backward because the pads are definitely not in right location for me, too far back...

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On 3/27/2017 at 0:06 PM, kasenutty said:

Try it way lower. I've found that where I thought I needed it all high at first, I can use it almost all the way down now. It's more comfortable because I almost never feel it now. 

This may explain why the MiniPlus has a fixed steering bar.

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