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Inmotion V5F Control Board & Balance

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Hey Inmotion riders,

I've been repairing my wheel's tire recently (changed the inner tube) and after putting everything back together found out that wheel is not maintaining balance properly while standing on it. Basically it starts out properly, have the balance, but once I step in and lean forward the balance of the wheel and pedals is kinda shaking up and down. What could be possibly a problem? I screwed everything back in place, super tight. Doesn't seem to be the case. Everything was cool before the teardown.

Also if anybody has a picture of control board with all the connections could you please attach it here?




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Pure guess, and I don't know what sort of connectors InMotions' use, but could the motor phase wires be in wrong order? That could explain the motor "jittering" ("shaking up and down") in place when it tries to drive it in one direction or the other.

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I guess a loose control board could cause jitteriness as well, could you have knocked it loose somehow? If the IMU is shaken around while riding, its sensor readings would be all over the place, causing some serious problems with the control loop for the motor.

Maybe this would be an unlikely cause though, as one would be expecting the board to be quite securely fastened to the chassis.

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