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Lucas Omori Morita Paty Mueller

red led on the left side and no battery information in App

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Think It is battery problme and move the battery and see what the LED on it show;red means the battery have some problme that need to change it,think it will help you.

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it's right, you can remove the battery and see if the app received or not battery data


return your mini to segway  where did you bought it

Did you bought it with official seller? Contact your reseller 


or Compare your battery in details for know if a true or fake battery https://mini-j.jimdo.com/home/mini-technical/true-or-fake/

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I just had the same problem... I turned it over on the steering handle, turned it on to see the red light, then hit the battery pack on the left and right sides while it was on. The problem went away, the red light turned blue. So I assume it was a loose connection. I removed the battery and charged it off of the Segway. Then I pulled off all the circuit board connectors one at a time and pushed them back in all the way. When the battery pack was charged (charger and battery pack had green lights),  I replaced the battery and made sure it was firmly in place and tight. Make sure the rubber gasket is back in place...

My Segway runs better than ever now.

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