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Broken Motor Axle


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You could have the axel pushed out and install a new one vutbi do not know were to get one. If you know a machinenist maybe he can do it.

not a simple operation. The axel is hollow and has a spline pattern on the other shaft. 

I know @EUC Extreme made a new shaft for his EUC. he has a website with the detail to make it but again you need machinist equipment. 

Where are you guys located?

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6 hours ago, EUC Extreme said:

If you get a new shaft, the exchange is basically pretty easy. The only awkward thing is getting the old out, and the new one in place. It requires a crush.
It seems that Gotway is not willing to provide a mere shaft.
So the only option is to do that somewhere.



But. If the shaft has torn from the beginning of the thread, it can be corrected by another means. And it's better than the original attachment. No nuts are needed at all.






At the same time, you can easily raise the pedal height.





Small holes are drilled in the axle. The locking screws go to them.
With this system, the shaft will never loose again.






@tusk123 @natethegreat Did you see this info. Hope it helps but you will have to make some parts. Maybe you can find a "Maker Space" near your town.

 I am sure they would love to make the parts for you and maybe even come up with a better design or different way to do it.

Let us know ones you determine how you fixed it.

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Or buy a new motor with the hub and wires already on it. If you are paying shop time for labor you'll be way ahead with a new motor. Just make sure that the motor is compatible with the existing board. The replacement motor they sent was not compatible with my one year old board so I had to replace both board and motor. 


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