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gotway ios app without intenet

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Hi, i downloaded the gotway app Ver. 2.3.0 for my mcm3. It conects good, but always, when i start the app, it ask me for login - password. If i don´t have internet conection i cannot start the app.

Does exist some way to avoid this login request?

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6 hours ago, Hansolo said:

Ninebot appli is the same...Inmotion too

No need to follow bad implementations.

User Experience is a tricky area. Manufacturers should design their products and accessories based on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_experience

User experience should enforce emotions (positive) and not generate frustration:

  • No GSM/ WLAN coverage/ data service: No access to the app
  • Customers need a manual to register the app to use it

That's definetly no positive user experience.

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