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MCM4 shell really close to the motor

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Hi guys,

Since my friend had his pedal rubbing against the motor on his KS16B, I'm always afraid it might happen, that is why I don't jump or do one foot for too long anymore.

On my MCM4 the smace between the plastic shell and the motor is really tight, but I've noticed this space is reduced on the left of the MCM4, it seems logic because I get on my EUC with my left foot on first, although I learned to get on it from the right foot, it's a habit.

Do you think it might rub against the motor one day ? Should I try only getting on with my right foot ? Or maybe this is a normal space between the shell and the motor, and I shouldn't worry too much about it ? For now even if I do one foot on the left side, it doesn't make any weird noise, but I would hate it to do so...



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I notice the similar issue on my MCM4. If the pedal have good clearance , don't worry. 

My MCM4 shell did rub on one side but has since been wore out by the motor case. The main thing is the pedals need to be rock solid and not rubbing with the motor case

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