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New safer and longer lasting Lithium Battery

Michael Vu

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So NOVA just had a new episode about the search for the next generation battery, and in it they talked to a professor who made a new Lithium battery that uses a solid plastic polymer as its electrolyte. As a result, its impossible for the battery to catch on fire even after being pierced with a screwdriver and cut up. On top of this, the plastic physically stops any dendrite formation so he is able to use lithium metal as a negative electrode which has a much higher capacity than lithium ion. And the cost is "cheap" too according to the professor.



The entire NOVA program is here with his segment at the 30:30 minute mark.



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Really interesting, we desperately need a leap forward in battery technology.  It will change the future in more ways than we can guess at.

Shame in that video that all the batteries being punctured weren't actually lithium ion batteries, but lithium polymer though.

From my knowledge and experience, lithium ion batteries and cells are much harder to ignite.  I've tried to get a fully charge lithium cell to go pop but failed.  Done plenty of lithium polymer batteries though and the results can be quite 'exciting!'

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