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The Mysterious Melting AirWheel


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I have a real mystery, but with all the euc brainiacs on this board, perhaps all of the clues are in place to solve it? 

Yesterday I let a young man try balancing on my AirWheel X8 while holding onto his truck (which was stationary!).  It was a cute young couple and they were very friendly and pleasant. 

After I let the young man stand on it for a few minutes, I departed and rode back to my car.  During that ride and subsequent rides I noticed that the inside of my pant legs were kind of sticking to the frame of the wheel.  I first suspected that my pant legs had become sweaty and that was binding them to the frame.

Later, however, much to my surprise, I found that there was some black greasy(?) kind of gunky substance on the inside of my pant legs and also on the frame of the Wheel.  The texture was somewhere between used motor oil, and tar. Upon closer inspection it appears to me that the areas that the young man touched with his legs -- how to say -- the plastic was actually melting!!  The part of the frame with the 'Carbon Fiber' veneer still intact seemed to be OK.  But where the veneer had been worn off by various crashes felt really soft and kind of gooey.  Yikes!

OK. Some of these clues are a little icky so faint of heart, you have been warned.  The young man was at the park to play disc golf.  He was wearing a pair of short pants.  I had noticed on his legs that he had several (many, actually) little boo-boos.  All over his legs.  The little sores resemble what happens when one has chicken pox. (?)  Or even acne.  In retrospect I think his legs looked a little shiny, as if he had put some kind of clear liquid medicine on there.  It looked (but did not smell) like he had baby oil on them or something. 

Upon arriving home, I washed the 'infected' areas [of the AirWheel!] with warm water and soap to try and arrest the damage.  This morning, most of where I washed seems dry and non-sticky, but there is still a spot that feels soft and tacky to the touch.  

So the big question is:  What in the heck would a guy have on his legs that would react to the plastic shell of an AirWheel X8 causing it to melt?  

A second question is what if anything should I do to neutralize it, other than wash with soap and water? 

Weird. Weird. Weird.  All suggestions welcome.   

[I placed this in general discussion instead of the brand-specific forum because of the mysteriousness of it all.  :) ]

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Insect Repellent. I believe that is the culprit. In particular the very famous diethyltoluamide, commonly known as DEET. Besides beeing a more or less efficient insect repellent, it has also the ability to dissolve some kinds of plastics. Using warm water and soap should be good enough to get rid off the remainings.

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