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EUC forum users and the English language

Bob Eisenman

English language and the EUC forum  

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  1. 1. Is English the primary language used in your household?

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    • NO, I don't (or can't) use English
    • NO, but I use English under certain circumstances

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I find it interesting that many forum readers speak fluent English. While college requirements encourage or require several credits of a foreign language study I can think of few friends from college who can fluently use another language with the exception of Spanish or perhaps French. Does a Quebec'er speak French but not English under all circumstances? Might a rider of an EUC have family members that read a forum such as this and communicate it's contents to the non-english speaking rider for them?

I think that the American public as a whole benefits in a blind fashion from a world where English literacy is required in so many circumstances.

I was wondering in a vague quantitative sense how many forum readers were non native English language speakers. Elsewhere on the forum I found a post or two written in a language other than English. Google translate to the rescue for me!

For a forum user who writes in English about laws in Switzerland, EUC experiences in France, commentary from Hong Kong, etc. the use of English makes the subject easy to follow for someone like me. 

¿comprende usted?

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