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Ninebot P Pro - Drive Voltage & Total System Current readings are inconsistent

Kuji Rolls

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My ninebot p pro is constantly beeping like its being driven too hard, even when idle. Sometimes a power cycle fixes it, but it inevitably returns after 10 minutes or 10 seconds. 

I thought it would report some error in the app, but theres no obvious error message. I looked into the "basic information" and found some highly suspicious readings in the app. Here are some of the strange behaviors: 

  1. "Total System Current" sometimes reports 40-90 Amps... This occurs even regardless of whether im moving. (see "basic information" screenshot) 
  2. "Drive Voltage" jumps around from 50V to 70V -- When im riding, the battery voltage could drop from 60V to 50V, it starts tilting to throttle my speed. After power cycling, the battery voltage reading returns to normal (60V ish) and i can continue riding at normal speeds. Sometimes it reports 70V and has 51km of range (bullshit! see dashboard screenshot)
  3. Sometimes when it beeps constantly (like its being over driven) the pedals start tilting forward gradually until it about 20 degrees and then resets itself back to normal without power cycling. A power cycle will also remedy this. 
  4. The strange behavior has been occurring more and more frequently. It generally happens at least 5 times on a 5 mile ride. 

Other potentially useful information:

  1. Firmware version: 1.4.0
  2. Total Mileage: 580km (first started happening maybe around 300km)
  3. May have started after riding in the rain -- I have been riding around in the rain a lot recently
  4. Ive definitely crashed and tumbled this guy a half dozen times

Any thoughts? 



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Defective contacts at the mainboard (micro fractures), bad cells/defective BMS? Imho something not easy to diagnose wirhout proper tools and experience. And quite harder to repair.

with very much luck just some loose connectors/"broken" wires (imho quite not   probable in regard to your reported probs - but who knows...)

maybe also just an "overburdened" mainboard - there where imho quite some reports of dead ninebot p+ by just using the available power...

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