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Generic 63V 2A charger for NINEBOT MINI XIAOMI (or Pro/Segway mini version)

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I have a charger compatible with all versions of 9B mini (Xiaomi, Pro or Segway mini), which offers a charging power of 2A and 63V output.


The characteristics are identical to the charger NINEBOT sold with the mini pro, but for a much more attractive price ($90 including shipping worlwide).


And for owners of the mini Xiaomi, you can reduce the charging time by 2 with this charger (compared to the xiaomi charger of 1.1A, and without risk of battery damage). .


So if you do not want to carry your charger between your home and your workplace,  you know where to reach me ...

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Just an example of a full charge of my NINEBOT MINI XIAOMI in 2h15 with the Generic charger 2A compatible with NINEBOT :


From a battery with only 5% charging, the 2A generic charger saves almost 2 hours charging time compared to the original charger at 1.1A (full charge in more than 4 hours). And by charging to 2A, speed charging remains below 0.5C, so it's always a slow charge, which preserves the cells's quality of the battery.

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