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I phone 4 app?


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A friend just gave me an old but perfect I phone 4, not even s.

I thought I remember reading some where that one can not use app for KS14c with, need at least 4s?

Anyone know if maybe an old version , maybe any version will run?

Thanks, ukj

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The iPhone 4 supports only Bluetooth 2.1 (and the latest available iOS version is 7.1.2)

The "Kingsong new" app is the only official available app in the App Store and requires at least Bluetooth 4.0 and iOS 8, which means an iPhone 4s or iPod touch (5.gen). These are the entry-Level apple devices which are supporting the kingsong app.


source of Bluetooth app requirements: http://www.szkingsong.com/upload/file/pdf/App_user_guide.pdf

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Thank you, as I thought my I phone 4 will not support.

So thanks for info on the apps, but see you write that the one listed is "entry model" What is the "best , latest" app please.

Sorry for my lack of know how, I have never even downloaded any app, and have only used a friends I phone 4s.

I tried to go to the KS app web site in the PDF you so kindly provided but could not connect, any ideas why not?



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Restarting the phone could sometimes help. As already mentioned the Kingsong new app is the only available app from Kingsong on the App Store.

Maybe you can try it with another smartphone (android or another newer apple device)?

I tried it with my KS18 and an iPhone 7plus/iPad Air 2 and it worked right from the beginning.


I did it step by step with the following points and then in should work:

1. turn on Bluetooth at your smartphone 

2. turn on your unicycle

3.opening the app the first time after installation should look like this:

Picture #1

4. tap on scan, after just a few seconds your Kingsong should appear:

Picture #2

...tap on that and it's done...

Picture #3




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