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surviving Ninebot One E+ with tiltback and low battery

Bob Eisenman

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I was watching a video of a rider on a Ninebot One E+ experiencing tiltback while having low battery.  As there are many Ninebot One riders here on the forum I thought I would post my style of riding on low battery (less than 5 miles range (red zone) left on the battery) and experiencing tilt back cues from the EUC. The Ninebot One E+ responds positively if the rider accepts the tilt back cue in the following way

upon receiving a low battery- excessive speed (range = 5 miles and less on the app) tilt back cue from the bot:

1-assume a mild transition to a braking position with the feet tending to push forward (legs perpendicular to the tilt back angle)

2-as the bot slows the pedals return to the horizontal

3-repeat steps 1 and 2 as additional modest speed induced tilt back cues are issued from the bot

Note: the riding speed becomes very slow as compared to green zone battery ranges of 7 to 17 miles but the recovery to a horizontal pedal position allows for an easy balanced ride upon a moving NineBot One. Going several miles is very possible on low battery. Keep it slow. Trying to zip across a road at a crosswalk will produce a tilt back if you try to go to fast. When the bot won't go any further it will audibly and continuously beep to tell you the battery has no more range left.. The circular rings on the Ninebot display turn red in the lower section when stopped at low battery. A quick glance at the LEDs (ex at night when the ring color is most visible) will tell you without the app that your battery is getting really low (< 5 miles of range). Let the Ninebot One E+ be the boss when it comes to attainable speed limits on low battery.

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2 hours ago, Planetpapi said:

I only rode once with that kind of low battery

For someone who has 'survived' riding once with low battery and  tiltback cues you sound a little apprehensive about the Ninebot BMS. No need to run the battery to zero but if you do you will know when to dismount.

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