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Ks18 making a creaking noise


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On 7.2.2017 at 1:06 AM, felixtm.com said:

So this noise started a few months into riding the ks18 but it's been getting worse. Does anyone know what's causing this noise and how to fix. I'm going to trouble shoot tomorrow but any insite would be great. Link to video..


The only thing i can guess is that the pedalarms have become loose from the axle or from the shell and so by moving forth and back the pedalarms including wheel work against the case/shell...

how to check: open both side...unscrew the 2x6 screws which hold the case/shell to the pedal.

disconnect the motor wires and sensor wires coming through the axle from the board...

Take out the complete wheel including pedalarms underneath the shell..

check the bolts which are inside the pedalarms and tighten them!

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