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Verify the SCV password, where does the 6 character numeric digit come from?


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After an iOS update the Inmotion app wants me to Verify the SCV password.

The last time I did this was when I first got my EUC last October (Thank you Jason from eWheels.com). So of course I forgot everything.

For the past 3 or so months the app has been pretty much hands off. I've since deleted and reinstalled the app, reset my password using the password reset.

Something is lost in the translation & the owners manual isn't very helpful, it was for binding the vehicle.  I've attached the screenshot. I am not sure what Confirm Password or Reset Password means. 

What is the password it's asking for, where do I get it? I've been religiously updating the app, hoping I could do something more with the coins, display the speed when recording a route. But not this.



NOTE: Typing this up, the EUC was charging. I get limited functionality (can get battery reading, turn on/off light). But if I try to do anything more the Password dialog pops up.


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