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Inmotion V8 - in Southern California (withdrawn)


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Up for sale is my Inmotion V8 which I purchased from ewheels.  It only has 17 miles on it.  It does have som minor scratches on the case and foot plates.  I love this wheel, but I also have a Gotway ACM and Msuper V3.  I just can't bare losing the range on the Gotways so I'm selling this.  Really a nice wheel that has plenty of power and maneuvers like a 14 in. Wheel.    I'm located in Orange County, CA if interested. Comes with box.  Local pickup preferred.

Price: (withdrawn)


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Okay - disregard, it turns out I decided to spend a little less than what I'd need to give you as a reasonable offer on this one and buy a different model EUC instead (this decision on what first wheel to buy is agonizing!)

Thanks anyway.

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