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2.5A Fast Charger for InMotion V5 (eWheels / WheelGo)


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Quick review on @Jason McNeil's (eWheels / WheelGo) 2.5A charger. Yet another prompt and fast shipment with tracking from Jason (thanks again!)

  • obviously, much faster charging than the stock 1.5A V5 charger, feels roughly twice as fast!
  • 60% to full charge took a hair under 30 minutes.

[2.5A fast charger stats] = (6.75" x 2" x 2" / 1.6 lbs) 

[1.5A stock charger stats] (6.75" x 2.75" x 3.125" / 1 lb)

  • portability-wise, not that bad a trade-off than I previously thought!
  • great peace of mind to the buyer in that Jason has carefully spec'd the charger to be a.) safe for the battery, and b.) of solid build quality.


The only real con is the audible fan noise when connected (think loud computer fan or medium whisper), but quite honestly, you probably won't be charging for that long, in relation to stock charging.


Highly recommend! (might have to pick up 1 more...)

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