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The real charging voltage

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Have we ever considered that the real charging voltage for our EUC's batteries is not the same coming out from the charger?

Every battery pack has its BMS, and the charging voltage entering BMS reachs the batteries through a diode (that blocks the returning current to the charger). This diode cause a voltage drop of about 0.6  or  0.7  volts.

So, the real charging voltage that goes to the batteries is not 67,2 volts  but 66,6 or 66,5 volts.

And IMHO this is good because results in a lower stress and a longer life for the batteries.

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I think there are many wheels that do not have a diode on their charging ports, I'm pretty sure my Firewheel does not because I've shorted it before by accident. The charging wires are thin enough that they're basically a fuse if there is a sustained short circuit of a battery that size. :o

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