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bike protection tape


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I haven't used this on an EUC, but I believe that this is the same 3M material used to make clear auto-bras, etc.  It also makes a great screen protector.

It's applied like a decal, using an alcohol/soap/water solution.  From my (somewhat limited) experience, this stuff is great on smooth flat surfaces, or surfaces that bend along one axis (a tube is fine, but a sphere would be trouble).

Given that EUCs are generally curved along both axis, I think this might be difficult to apply, depending on the model wheel.  Also, not sure how well this works on rough surfaces - some wheels are smooth, others have a rough matt finish.

While I love the 3M material, I think for my EUC, the padding (like:  http://r.ebay.com/jnUdvx) is a better choice.

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Resurrecting this short lived thread.

Has anyone tried this tape (3M Clear Helicopter Tape) for wheel protection since this original discussion. I'm thinking of trying it to protect the pedals on my V8 and some key long term wear areas (ankle). The shiny finish of the V8 wheel should lend it nicely to successful application. Apparently small curves can be dealt with using a hairdryer to flex the material.

I used it extensively on my Brompton frame to good effect but that doesn't take a beating like a wheel would. I'm also going to use bumper tape and have seen the other threads where fender protector has been used. Just looking at all options.

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yes I bought some and put it on Wee Js wheel,  it helps stop very minor bumps and scrapes.  though obv won't protect against everything.    He tends to ride more carefully on his KS14d, and keeps the old airwheelx3  as a bashing about type wheel.  

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Cant pass this up.

I tried duct tape, masking type, electrical tape, cloth tape. Several layers. Week, ugly, too wide, residue stuck on.

Wal-Mart. White Equate medical 1/4" wide tape. 10yds. Tears crossways easily. Used to tape guase on wounds and cuts. $.98 cents. 2 layers for experienced riders. 3 layers for learners.

Tough, narrow, white blends in with shell (cant tell it's even on there), cheap and it comes with no residue to clean. Sticks but is then easy to peel off.

The tape scuffs up (turns grey) in such a way to easily indentify where ur falling the most. Just put an extra strip on top there.

CHEAP!!! The perfect stuff!

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I use bike handle bar tape - the stuff you wrap your handle bars with.  has very good adhesion on one side and is padded.  i place it strategically on the edges and potential contact points.  designed to peel off without residue as well.  

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