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19deg. Slope. Motor willing, pedals? not so much


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Tried to climb a 19* slope yesterday ( used phone app to measure) in Cabo Roig, Spain. Man is that steep.  My ks14c 800w, 340wh motor, was willing and able, but those damn pedals are so short, I was literally balancing on the front edge of them, my heels, 2" (5cm) (est.) off the rear, trying to apply enough pressure to keep climbing.  FYI, I would not climb something this steep on a regular basis.  It was just plain scary.  If your looking to buy a wheel and comparing stats, take it from me any slope this steep will hurt you eventually, if you ride it regularly.  So look at climb angle data for comparison reasons only, my 2c.


I was actually in the middle of this long hill, because I had tried riding down and thought better of it as my battery was full.  So I walked it for a bit.  Then I decided I didn't want to have to come back this way, so I turned around and headed up again.  And that's when I said, " I wonder if I can wheel it?"  Well, after a few wobbly feet, I realised that climbing a 19* concrete path perched precariously on the balls of my feet on a barely moving EUC, with dozens of concrete steps and many meters of concrete slope below me, was a recipe with pain written all over it,  Images of burnt MOSFETS, shut down BMS's, and unexplained shut downs danced through my head, so I quit, and Walked it.

How did @Cerbera put it? " EUC forum: If you weren't already sacred for the safety of your EUC, you will be now"? That about summed it up.

 As soon as I get home from my travels, I'm going to add pedal extensions, like @zlymex and maybe even toe wedges like @EU GUY.  

On a similar note,  I was coming down a seriously steep street the other day in,... Shite, I forget where I was, anyway, I was putting so much heel pressure on the back edge of those tiny pedals that I could feel the fronts of my feet flapping around over the bumps, making almost no contact with the pedals. That was " interesting " let me tell you. 

yep, front AND back pedal extensions for this guy.

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