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Hello World

Today I Turned On My Hover Board (Smart Balance Board), And The Red Light (On The Left) Immediately Started Blinking Red. It Didnt Start Beeping Until I Tried To Step On It. I Tried Recalibrating It A Couple Time But It Didn't Work. It Won't Balance On Either Side. Please Help Me! ??

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@KingAce, did you not get any sort of instruction manual, etc that might, just possibly tell you what the red flashing light means?

Most likely "guess" without knowing anything about the manufacturer's specifications for that board is that the battery is low, maybe a cell has failed? What happens when you charge it?

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I literally just answered this for someone this week and because of that, I've decided to write the definitive guide to fixing this common problem. What you need to do is simple: Count the number of blinks that the round led light makes and reference it to the smart balance wheel red light problem guide. Find that number in the list and it'll tell you exactly what to do.

I'll follow this thread for you as well in case you have any questions. I've repaired at least 500 hoverboards so I know what I'm doing.

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