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hoverboard gyroscope


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gyro1.JPGHi, my daughters gyroscope went out on her Hoverboard. I am looking at replacement boards but I am confused. All the boards I see dont have another circuit board on them. Can I just use another universal gyroscope or is it necessary to get this particular one. if it has to be this specific one I am not sure where to find one.



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@Beefcake35 I very much doubt we will be able to help you as there are so many different manufacturers out there and few people own one long enough to become expert in them. Curiously enough almost everyone who posts a hoverboard problem fails to even mention that rather critical peice of info - the manufacturer - without which one can guarantee to not be able to help. However:

  1. what makes you think the gyroscope is the fault?
  2. what makes you think that small board is a separate gyroscope as it would be very unusual ( unless the whole thing has been built out of Arduino project parts) and the black curled wire looks like it might be an aerial I.e. A Bluetooth board or similar which is typically a separate board. 
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1. I just assume it is the gyroscope that has failed. From alot of googling and the fact that the one side is completely dead. when I press in the pedal I make sure it clears the infared sensor and it doesnt respond at all.

2. I guess I am not sure about that other board. I just assumed both sides have a gyroscope. Doesnt the gyroscope have the infared sensors that hang from below it? I agree the black curled wire looks like a bluetooth board, but I really am not familliar with this.


Am i correct stating there is a separate gyroscope for each side? If so I guess I am a little confused as to why this side has that other circuit board on there.


Thanks again for your help.

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Hi @Beefcake35. I'm sorry to say you'll have an up hill battle trying to fix that hoverboard.  See the recent thread about how many different mom and pop back yard outfits churned these out to jump on the hoverboard band wagon. No one knows what parts go in which, and to tell the truth no one really cares.  They are literally throw away toys; they break, you throw them away.

the way I see it you have a few chioices:

1 get a refund from the seller

2 get a refund on your purchase from credit card company ( faulty goods) assuming it's a recent purchase and a cc purchase

3 refund through Amazon, eBay, assuming either.

im sorry to say that most of these things are junk, and as junk, they are quite dangerous. I shudder to think how many children are riding around on them.

good luck ?

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Don't let that small chip board get you down - its just an antenna for your remote control. You honestly don't even need it. If you want to keep your remote control (I don't even know why people like these to be honest) then you'll need to replace it with another gyroscope that has an antenna.

If you don't care about your remote control, just find a blue hoverboard gyroscope and use that to replace it. I'm not sure if we have these in stock or not as we usually sell green ones, but judging based on what I see in your picture, I bet we can get one for you. Just reply here or PM me if you're still looking and I'll give you more info. 

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